Sangfor Nano Cloud Essential Bundle is specially designed for small to medium-sized enterprises - fitted with dierent feature packages that can be chosen based on your specific needs. From the consolidation of data centers and the rollout of mission-critical systems to the assurance of business continuity and the formation of hybrid cloud architecture - Sangfor Nano Cloud Essential Bundle aims to provide a proven, cost-eective, simplified, and secure IT infrastructure for your business. Sangfor Nano Cloud Essential Bundle is based on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, which oer a balanced architecture with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities, designed over decades of innovation for the most in-demand workload requirements.

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Processors 50.4GHz 24C
Memory 256G MEM
Hard drives 16T Storage (with Multi-copies redundancy)
Optical drive N/A
Warranty 1 Year Warranty from Sangfor Indonesia

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