ICT Protege GX System Controller is the central processing unit responsible for the control of security, access control and building automation in the ICT Protege GX System Controller system. The ICT Protege GX System Controller communicates with all system modules, stores all configuration and transaction information, processes all system communication, and reports alarms and system activity to a monitoring station or remote computer. ICT Protege GX System Controller are cyber secure, supporting emerging cybersecurity requirements through advanced security features. With secure encrypted communication, resilience to outages, secure storage of security parameters and no universal default passwords, ICT Protege GX System Controller are inherently designed to protect devices, networks and data from unauthorized access. Mandatory cybersecurity regulations on connected devices are defining requirements in terms of data & cryptography, logical security, system management and privacy protection. ICT Protege GX System Controller feature essential requirements of newly introduced standards and legislation aimed at regulating the Internet of Things and IoT devices, along with specifications of emerging new laws.

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Smart Card Reader
Wiegand Standard 3x RS-485 communication interface ports - 1 for module communication, 2 for reader communication
Warranty 1 year warranty from ICT Indonesia

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