The TransTel TDS 1280 PBX Enterprise Class Communication System is an integrated, interactive solution for medium-sized businesses, large corporations, chained hotels and hospitals. The TransTel TDS 1280 PBX solution combines traditional telephone functions with support for IPenabled telephony communication to provide an effective and complete communications solution for cost-conscious companies on the cutting edge. Telephone system expanding does not necessarily mean throwing away existing equipment. With TransTel TDS 1280 PBX, and only with it, you decide the pace of your migration - department by department and branch office by branch office. Or you can take the advantage of IP deployment across the entire organization. With IP connectivity, users can retrieve their Voice Messages from their own desk or wherever they are. Check your colleague’s attendance status and his or her absent message, leaving and reviewing your messages, monitoring company call traffic and total call cost on line.

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IP Enabled Yes
Chassis Type Max 16 Chassis
Hospitality Features Optional
Billing System Optional
Analog User 1280 max
Digital User 1280 max
Analog Trunk 500 max
Digital Trunk 16 E1 max
IP Trunk 160 max
Warranty 1 year from TransTel Indonesia

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