For properties implementing Nomadix Casting as a standalone solution, guests can simply aim their cameras at the QR code to connect their mobile devices. After that, all they need to do is choose what they want to watch and select the casting button in the app of the content provider. Unlike mirrored casting solutions, once streaming starts, the process is offloaded to the casting server, which allows guests to use their iOS or Android devices without interrupting the streaming content. Nomadix Casting on the in-room TV can also match the brand guidelines of the hotel to provide a consistent guest experience. Nomadix gateways provide authenticated, managed internet access for millions of hotel rooms at properties all over the world. For hotels with Nomadix gateways integrated with the property management system (PMS), guest devices are automatically recognized and connected to the in-room TV upon authentication to the Wi-Fi network. No logins or additional steps are needed. Guests can open their app of choice and hit cast to watch shows or other content instantly. Nomadix Casting allows guests to easily and securely stream preferred media content from their mobile devices onto the in-room TVs with no need to log into these apps again. Guests choose what they want to watch on popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and many more. Thousands of options are available so guests are not limited to just the sources typically offered by other types of casting or streaming solutions.

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