Jual Kaba Argus Speed Gate

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Kaba Argus Speed Gate provide convenient, fast, and secure access. As a person approaches the speed gate the doors open. The Kaba Argus Speed Gate doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unauthorized passage or tailgating.

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Kaba Argus Speed Gate are compatible with time recording systems, ID readers, keypads, boarding pass technology, ticket accepting devices, and biometric systems for additional levels of security. Combined, the physical barrier and advanced sensor technology provide entry detection and prevention without the need of a guard. Kaba Argus Speed Gate are designed with a stainless-steel housing and transparent glass slide walls that create an aesthetically pleasing access checkpoint. The retractable and swing gates were developed for the passage of people, including those transporting goods or with reduced mobility.


Kaba Argus 60 Speed Gate is a longer model (64-15/16” [1650]) offering an increased safety level with a vertical strip installed as an additional scanner. Optional full height door leaves offered increased security. An easy-to-understand user guidance system with optional intuitive cueing lights in the top cover and colored light signals directly on the card reader ensures a high level of convenience. Ambient lighting is integrated for aesthetics—the unit becomes a real highlight in the foyer.


Good design can be planned. The new Kaba Argus Speed Gate from dormakaba open the way to more freedom in form, color and function. Kaba Argus Speed Gate combine the options of a modern access system in the supervised entrance area in three models. From short basic versions to exquisite objects with sophisticated sensors, they offer a wide range of functions. This variety is expressed in the modular design elements: with a wide range of colors and materials for handrails, side and profile parts as well as drives and door leaves, previously unimagined design possibilities are opened up. Versatile aluminum as the basic material shows the way here. Kaba Argus Speed Gate from dormakaba blend harmoniously into any reception room: as a modern addition to a concept, as a discreet functional unit or as a self-confident statement.

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