Jual Avaya B199 Conference Phone

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The Avaya B199 Conference Phone delivers state of the art technology to any size conference room to significantly improve the conferencing experience for all meeting participants.

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PRODUCT CODE : 700514246

Avaya B199 Conference Phone received the coveted Red Dot Award for its product design. Offering remarkable flexibility to suit any conferencing audio needs, Avaya B199 Conference Phone delivers a breakthrough intuitive interface, can be daisy-chained with three devices and also provides several options for easy device management and auto provisioning. Avaya B199 Conference Phone OmniSound audio technology guarantees clear transmission during meetings, so you and your team don’t miss any part of the discussion. Full Duplex transmits and receives sound simultaneously to prevent audio clipping; 360° surround sound and powerful speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting. Noise suppression filters cut static background noise and an equalizer lets you adjust pitch to suit your preference.


Avaya's OmniSound technology on Avaya B199 Conference Phone creates a natural sense of presence to sense meeting room participants and allow them to move freely around the room without any audio impairment. Bluetooth capability, simple to use touch interface removes any roadblocks from connectivity, starting and managing the meeting.


Each Avaya B199 Conference Phone combines three digital microphones which are effective with up to 20 meeting participants. Adding two Avaya Smart Microphones expands the microphone range to 750 Square Feet (70 m2). For larger rooms, up to 970 Square Feet (90 m2), it is possible to connect up to three Avaya B199 Conference Phone units in a daisy-chain. In this kind of deployment, one device acts are the master, and the other two as additional speakers and microphones. Daisy chain connections are as simple as connecting the daisy-chain cables between units.

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